Leather Cleaner & Conditioner - 1 Quart

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• Effectively cleans and conditions smooth, pigmented leather upholstery

• Professional strength cleaner

• Cleans surface dirt and particles trapped in grain of leather

Specifically designed to effectively clean and condition smooth, pigmented leather upholstery. Specially formulated for leather’s unique needs!

Chemspec’s Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is specially formulated to safely and effectively clean smooth, pigmented leather. This is an advanced, professional-strength cleaner that will easily clean surface dirt as well as dirt that is trapped in the grain of the leather.

Replenishes and prolongs leather’s natural beauty - As leather ages it may lose some of its natural oils. Chemspec’s Leather Cleaner and Conditioner replaces those lost oils to maintain and prolong the leather’s natural beauty while keeping it soft and supple. This cleaner and conditioner can be applied on a regular basis, (not just when leather needs cleaning), to keep the leather looking its finest. Best of all, it leaves no greasy residue.

Easy to use - Shake well, there’s no mixing. The cleaning agents and nourishing oils are easily absorbed into the leather, providing a beautiful cleaning action without back-breaking rubbing or special buffing equipment.

Economical - Packaged in a one liter container, Chemspec’s Leather Cleaner and Conditioner can effectively clean and condition one eight foot sofa.

A profitable advancement - Leather upholstery now accounts for approximately 20% of all new upholstery sales. This growing interest in leather furnishings can mean increased profits for the cleaning professional.

Become a leather cleaning expert - Leather cleaning can become a highly profitable area, but it is also one that requires an understanding of the different types of leather. Chemspec’s Leather Training Manual was written by Chemspec for our customers. It is a thorough, easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide that will provide you with the expertise you will need to properly clean leather upholstery. This guide includes sections on leather identification, existing conditions to look for during pre-inspection, and cleaning techniques.


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