Air Fresh - Fresh & Clean - 1 Gallon

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• General purpose

• Water based deodorizer

• Eliminates malodors effectively

• Additive for antimicrobial

• Ideal for water damage treatments

Pro's Choice "Air Fresh" is a general purpose water based deodorizer, formulated to eliminate malodors effectively.Use as an additive to your antimicrobial in water damage treatments or as an additive to your cleaning solution to leave a clean fresh scent.

Air Fresh is a commercial strength deodorizer. Any rental or leasing agent can tell you the carpet isn’t really clean unless it smells clean. Leave a light clean fragrance behind to let your customers know their carpets have been professionally cleaned the minute they walk in the door. When used as directed Air Fresh leaves just enough fragrance behind to deodorize without being overpowering. Air Fresh can be used as an additive for any carpet cleaning solution or applied with a trigger sprayer after cleaning. Air Fresh is available in Lemon, Cherry, Fresh & Clean, Crisp Linen, , and Crisp Apple.


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