Aluminum Valve - 400 PSI

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• 500 PSI, high temp.

• Forged brass valve

• Stainless steel stem

• Stainless steel handle

This valve is rated at 500 PSI. It has a forged brass valve, stainless steel stem, and stainless steel handle. It is resistant to rust. This is a valve used on carpet cleaning wands.

The V1245B 500psi Valve fits the following Production Metal Forming tools:

Hand Tool Models:       U1520B, U1520CB, U1530B, U1530SB
Curtain Tool Models:    C15154B, C15156B
Detailer Tool Models:   U1562B, U1560B, U1564B, U1566B, U1560SB, U1564SB, U1560PB, U1560PSB, U1560CB, U1564CB, U1550CB
Crevice Tool Models:   CV20B, CV25SB, CV56B, CV56SB


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