Claire Mr. Jinx 19oz.

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• Spray and wipe surface clean

• Non-abrasive

• Breaks up grease and grime

• Heavy duty multi-purpose cleaner

• Wide range of cleaning applications

• Removes Dirty Hand Prints From Walls and

• Doors, Scuff Marks on Floors, Bathtub Rings,

• Soot, Grease, Smoke Film, Oil, Many Inks,

• Light Carbon, Dust, Lipstick, Crayon Marks

• Clinging foam

Heavy-duty formula uses a high-foaming spray for cleaning and clinging to vertical and horizontal surfaces. With a blend of ammonia and butyl, this fast-acting cleaner attacks and loosens dirt, greases, oils and much more from hard surfaces.

A non-abrasive product that cleans up marks on both floors and washable painted surfaces. Works well for general housekeeping needs and heavy soils in commercial/industrial markets. Take this product to your cleaning needs and let it clean.

For a fast, deep clean in all areas of your building. Removes dirty hand prints, dust, lipstick, crayon, grease, oil, smoke film and light carbon residue from surfaces.


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