17" CLEAN-GRIT™ Rotary Scrub Brush w/NP-9200, Riser

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17" CLEAN-GRIT™ Rotary Scrub Brush w/NP-9200, Riser Assembled

Grit brushes offer solutions to a wide range of cleaning situations.
Silicone carbide impregnated nylon bristles are self-replenishing as brush wears, offering unmatched value that outlasts traditional floor pads up to 200 to 1!

That translates directly into time and cost savings. Featuring Malish's water and chemical resistant TUFF-BLOCK® for maximum life expectancy. All grit brushes must be run in a wet
environment. Trim Length: 1-1/2”

An excellent general scrubbing brush for frequent maintenance cleaning. Flexible enough for cleaning narrow grout lines and uneven surfaces.

Bristles: Blue

Diameter: .035

Grit Size: 180

Pad Replacement: Blue


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