ENVIROSHIELD Odor & Stain Blocker with Turbo Spray System®

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ENVIROSHIELD Odor & Stain Blocker with Turbo Spray System® 26oz Spray

EnviroSHIELD™ Turbo products combine powerful formulas with the speed and convenience of the Turbo Spray System® to provide disaster restoration professionals the tool they need to tackle medium to large sized projects FAST.

EnviroSHIELD™ Odor & Stain Blocker is designed for professionals and certified applicators to permanently encapsulate odors from fire, smoke, animals, nicotine and mildew. In addition, the white formula effectively covers and blocks difficult stains.

  • The speed and quality of professional spray systems without the hassle
  • 4x greater output than traditional spray primers
  • 10” wide spray pattern for fast coverage
  • 26 oz. can optimized for large projects   

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