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• Ideal for restuarants, apartments, etc to reduce cleaning time

• Maximum strength high pH concentrate with all additives, builders and solvents needed

• Works well on greasy carpet

Pro's Choice "Extreme Clean" will help you in extreme conditions. It is designed for use in commercial applications such as restaurants, apartments, etc. to reduce your cleaning time. "Extreme Clean" is a maximum strength high pH concentrate with all the additives, builders and solvents you need for extremely greasy carpet. It is a dual purpose cleaner. You can use it as a pre-spray or as an extraction emulsifier.

Extreme Clean is the maximum concentrate ultimate cleaner for extremely soiled carpets. It is designed for use in Commercial Applications such as Restaurants, Apartments, etc. Where extremely heavy soil is encountered. Extreme Clean is not recommended for use on 5th generation stain resistant carpets or natural fibers.

As a Pre-spray: Use 2 oz. “Extreme Clean” per gallon of water and dissolve completely.

For injection sprayers such as Hydro-Force, dissolve 18 oz. of “Extreme Clean” into 1 gallon of water for concentrate solution.

As with any cleaning product, test on inconspicuous area before using. Do not over wet carpets.

COLOR VARIATIONS may occur in this product due to environmental conditions but will not affect product performance.


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