General 1500 DC-1 Ultra High Speed Burnisher



• 20" Brush Diameter

• 1.5 HP Motor Rectified DC (plug into AC outlet)

• 1500 RPM Ultra Speed

• 90 Lbs Weight

• 50 ft Power Cord, Cable -14 x 3 Wire

• 13.5 Amp's Running Amperage


General Floorcraft’s burnishers are the finest in the industry. High speed burnishers are expertly balanced for ideal full pad to floor contact. Our engineered exclusive adjustable wheel bracket is used to accomplish this. The results are a glassy, wet look that lasts under the toughest conditions and is easily maintained.

As a result of the ultra speed, less material is used, the job time is cut to a fraction and the finish is easily maintained by buffing. The Built-in driving pad assembly is superbly balanced to produce vibration-free performance.


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