Lambskin 18" Lambswool Applicator On Wooden Block

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• Made of natural materials

• Ideal for home, office, and industrial use

• Recommended for oil-based finishes

• Pad attached to wooden block for increased scrubbing performance

• Applicator measures 18" in width

Applicator Pads are effective in both domestic and commercial settings. Lambskin Pads are cut from specially tanned, dense 3/4" hides. Lambskin and Wool pads are recommended for oil based finishes. Synthetic fiber pads are recommended for water based finishes.Natural lambs wool offers exceptional dusting power. A light static charge, a web of fibers and natural oils work together to attract and hold dust until spun free. This applicator has a notch to easily attach a broom handle to. This natural product is excellent at cleaning delicate floors.

The Dust Wand is available in a full range of models designed for virtually every dusting application; all are manufactured with thick premium selected wool skins, featuring rugged plastic handles, and solid construction. Dust Wand is effective on desks, light fixtures, ornaments, books, store fixtures, furniture, office equipment, shelving, glass, window coverings and so many other surfaces. They are used regularly in homes, offices, hotels, airports, retail stores, restaurants, meeting and exhibition halls, hospitals, factories, sports facilities and schools.



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