Laticrete Oil Stain Remover Dupont StoneTech - 3oz

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• Pulls out deep-set oil stains

• Leaves no permanent residue

• Easy to use

• Will not discolor stone

The StoneTech professional oil stain remover for natural stone is a superior, citrus solvent-based poultice especially formulated for removing stubborn oil-based stains. The stain remover easy to use, will not discolor natural stone, and produces no residue. The stain remover has the ability to pull out deep, stubborn stains, all while being VOC compliant. This natural citrus solvent is safe on food contact surfaces provides coverage from 1/2 to one square foot of surface area at 1/4-inch thickness. The product is compatible with marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, terrazzo and sandstone, ceramic tile, porcelain tile and grout, masonry, and concrete. From the Manufacturer Professional oil stain remover for natural stone. Citrus solvent-based poultice formulated for removing stubborn oil-based stains. Provides coverage from 1/2 to 1-Square Feet of surface area at 1/4-Inch thickness. Will not discolor natural stone and produces no residue. VOC compliant

STONETECH® Professional tile and stone care and maintenance products are innovative, easy-to-use solutions to protect and preserve stone against the damaging effects of everyday living. With a complete line of products to protect, clean and transform stone surfaces, LATICRETE® will help ensure the beauty of natural stone and tile countertops, floors, walls and other installations for generations to come.

Read entire label before using. Use only as directed. Test in a small inconspicuous area with a 24-hour cure time to determine ease of application and desired results. Allow new grout installations to cure for at least 72 hours prior to application. Be sure surface is clean, thoroughly dry and free of sealers, waxes and coatings. Avoid skin and eye contact. Wear protective eyewear and gloves. Ensure work area is well-ventilated during application and until surface is dry. Keep children and pets out of the area during application and drying.



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