NCL Dura-Gloss Multic-Surface Buffable Floor Coating - 1 Gallon

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• For use with polishing machines of 175 rpm or higher

• Water based high solids formula

• Levels easily and dries rapidly


DURA-GLOSS™ utilizes an advanced polymer system to provide a brilliant gloss and protective coating on most natural polished stone surfaces. DURA-GLOSS™ improves slip resistance on highly polished stone surfaces. This water-based high solids formula will produce a high initial gloss that can be maintained with any type of floor equipment, from conventional to UHS. DURA-GLOSS™ levels easily and dries rapidly

Authorized UL Product

Floor Preparation: Using BARE BONES® No Rinse / No Scrub Liquifying Floor Stripper, strip floor of old finish and wax, paying particular attention to under furniture, and built-up areas. Remove all stripping solutions from floor with mop or wet dry vacuum. If necessary, rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to completely dry. Using a clean mop or applicator apply a thin uniform coat of DURA GLOSS™. Allow to dry for a minimum of 20 minutes after each coat. Do not apply more than 3 coats in a 24 hour period. Floor should be thoroughly dry before traffic is allowed in area.

For Multi Speed Buffing: This is an ideal product for use with polishing machines of 175 rpm or higher.

CAUTION: Some soft marble or limestone floors may not be appropriate for high speed burnishing. Test this procedure in an inconspicuous area prior to buffing entire floor. Prior to buffing, the floor surface should be dust mopped.

For spray buffing and for mop-on restoring:use VIVID™; for restoring with an automatic scrubber, use VIVID™.

Maintenance: Maintain by dust mopping daily. Damp mop or clean with an automatic scrubber as required, using STONE KLEEN™ Floor Coating Neutral Cleaner, at the specified dilution. Spray buffing to remove embedded soils is recommended using VIVID™. Worn areas, or the entire floor, may be re-coated as required to maintain a uniform high gloss.


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