NCL One Step Spray Crystallizer - 1 Quart

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• Simple restoration system for marble, terrazzo and polished limestone floors

• Makes restored floor durable

• Will make floors resist scuffs and scratches


ONE STEP™ has been developed as a simple-to-use restoration system for marble, terrazzo and polished limestone floors. ONE STEP™ CRYSTALLIZER SPRAY N’ BUFF produces a very high polish. The newly restored surface will resist scuffs and scratches. This restored surface will be very durable. ONE STEP™ CRYSTALLIZER SPRAY N’ BUFF dries as you buff and therefore requires no messy clean-up. Authorized UL Product


SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface must be clean and dry. On floor surfaces, make sure all waxes, floor finish or other coatings are removed. If there is a coating on the floor, use NCL HURRICANE™ Intensive Stone Cleaner for removal. Rinse surface thoroughly with water and air dry prior to crystallization.

PLEASE NOTE: Worn out or damaged surfaces may require resurfacing prior to crystallization. Make sure to cover any sensitive surfaces such as metals, glass, carpet, etc. that may be exposed to over-spray.

APPLICATION: Use a 175 RPM Floor machine designed for crystallization (130 - 180 lb.), equipped with a #0 or #1 grade steel wool pad. Apply ONE STEP™ Crystallizer Spray N’ Buff (with a spray bottle with trigger) at a rate of 2 to 3 squirts per square yard (.836 sq. meter) and immediately buff until surface is completely dry. Buff in both directions until desired gloss is achieved. ONE STEP™ Crystallizer Spray N’ Buff yields approximately 2000-5000 square feet (185 - 465 sq. meters) per gallon of coverage.

For daily maintenance after re-polishing, use the SCS Daily Maintenance System (PATINA™-HURRICANE™); see the STONE CARE SOLUTIONS™ brochure for more information.

NOTE: Shake lightly before use.

CAUTION: Since marble and limestone are a product of nature and their components can vary, they may react differently to this product. For this reason, always test in a small inconspicuous area for adverse reactions.


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