Ninja E1200 Hard Surface Extractor



• Adjustable plunger pump up to 1000 PSI

• Dual 2-Stage Vacuum Motors (150" Water Lift)

• Auto Pump Out 1800 GPH/30 GPM with 50’ of Discharge Hose

• Auto Fill Feature with 50’ Fill Hose

• External Filter with 4' hose

• Pressure Gauge
• 8" rear anti static wheels

• 4" front anti static swivel casters

• Rotomolded Housing with Limited Lifetime Warranty

• 10 Gallon (40 Litre) Solution and Recovery Tanks

• Quick Latch Body for Easy Servicing

• Dual 25' Power Cords

• 2 Easy Lift Handles

• One Year Warranty on Major Components

• Weight: 140 Lbs


The E1200 is a CSA/US approved dual purpose portable extractor engineered for hard surface and carpet cleaning. This 10 gallon extractor comes with auto fill and auto drain, front mounted pressure adjuster and pressure gauge for user convenience. The external filter protects the internal pump out by catching debris before it goes into the recovery tank.



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