Phoenix DryMax BLE Red - LGR Dehumidifier #4038500

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Phoenix DryMax BLE   LGR Dehumidifer in Red

•  Built-in Bluetooth technology with data logging and instant readings

  • Free Phoenix DryLINK mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android
  • 3 year warranty on new style condensate pump

*Ultra compact design

•Slide out handle with wheels for transportation

• New four-line control panel with status bar

• Superior stacking • Micro-channel condenser

• Easy access for service

• 80 PPD at AHAM

• Draws only 5.7 amps

• 170 CFM without external ducting

• Heavy-duty condensate pump

• Pleated 9”x12”x1” MERV-10 Media Air Filter

• Integrated wire duct collar to allow for 10” lay-flat to be connected to the exhaust

• Onboard storage for 25’ power cord and 33’ condensate hose

•  Xactimate Code: WTRDHM>


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