RMC Dolge Lake Dye - 1 Gallon

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Dolge Lake Dye - 1 GALLON  **While Supplies Last"

• Use on fountains, golf course water hazards, ponds and lakes 

• Makes water look bright blue or blue-green

• Safe for animal and plant life when used as directed


Organic water dye for fountains, water hazards, ponds and lakes. Imparts a bright blue or blue-green color, improving general appearance. Not recommended for water used for swimming.

Dolge Lake Dye is to be used on contained bodies of water with no outflow, such as golf course water hazards, ponds, lakes and fountains. 

Dolge Lake Dye is non toxic when used as directed. It can be safely used on bodies of water with water fowl, marine life, or any type of plant or animal life present. It does not affect fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, or other turf chemicals. It will noticeably improve water appearance for up to four months.


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