RMC PRS Water Damage Post Clean - 1 Gallon

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• Penetrates porous materials throughout drying process

• For water damage claims, especially black water

• Digests odors and soils including fecal matter and urine, reducing them to water and carbon dioxide

• Made from biologically based materials


Preventative treatment following water damage. Penetrates porous materials throughout wet stages of drying process PRS Water Damage PostClean is a biologically based treatment for water damage claims, especially black water. It digests odors and soils, including those from fecal matter and urine, reducing them to water and carbon dioxide.

It utilizes spore strains and cleaning technology specifically engineered for water damage claims. This product allows the digestion and removal of soil load during the drying phase of water damage restoration. It also penetrates porous materials to digest soil load throughout the wet-stages of the drying period. This includes areas typically not accessible such as cinder blocks, spruce studs and sill plates.

PRS Water Damage PostClean also eliminates odors from developing during and after on-site cleanup. The reduction of any remaining sources of soil load can reduce the potential of a call back. It works as long as sufficient moisture levels are present. Do not introduce any non-PRS chemistry while PRS Water Damage products are working.


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