Rug Restorer - 1 Gallon

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• Treats wool and silk for urine stains

• Safely and effectively removes urine contamination

• Ideal for even severely contaminated rugs

Wool and silk area rugs have been notoriously difficult to treat for pet urine. In the past, even repeated treatments with high quality enzyme products have not been completely successful with some of the more tightly woven rugs.

Pro’s Choice Rug Restorer safely and effectively removes the urine contamination from even the most severely contaminated rugs.

Using a submersion technique to treat urine contamination isn’t as complicated as you might think. If you’ve got room in your plant or workshop to lay the rug out flat then you’ve got enough space to effectively and completely treat urine odors.

Prepare a shallow trough large enough to contain the rug to be treated.
Vacuum or blow compressed air through the rug to remove as much dry particulate matter as possible.
Dilute 1 gallon of Rug Restorer into 15 to 25 gallons of COLD water. For light to moderate contamination dilute 15 parts water to 1 part product. To treat severe contamination dilute 15 parts water to 1 part product.
Submerge the rug in the Rug Restorer solution for 8 to 12 hours.
Thoroughly flush the used solution and contamination from the rug with cold water.
Clean the rug using Ultra TLC to pre-spray and Natural Fiber Cleaner to extract to clean and brighten the natural fibers.
Treat any visible stains remaining with Stain Magic for Wool.
Dry the rug quickly and thoroughly. Use a CTI Velocity Air mover and a dehumidifier if high humidity is an issue.


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