Rust Remover X Paste 8oz

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Rust-X Rust Stain Remover


Rust-X can be used in a variety of rusted areas such as countertops, floors, vertical surfaces, exterior areas. Works on marble, granite, terrazzo, Mexican tiles, quarry tile, grout, slate, limestone, concrete, masonry and all metals. Rust-X is non-acidic, therefor can used on polished surfaces without ruining the shine. Rust-X is non-hazardous and environment friendly.


  1. Perform a test by applying a small amount of Rust-X to a part of the stained area. If it is a rust stain the Rust-X gel will chemically react with the rust stain causing the gel to turn purple in color.
  2. Remove the purple residue with paper towel then compare your result to the original rust stain. If the results obtained are acceptable, then perform removal over the entire stained area
  3. Mask around the area that you want to remove the rust stain.
  4. Apply a coat of 1/8 to 1/4 thick of Rust-X over the rust stained area.
  5. Rust-X reacts with the rust stain in 5-10 minutes.
  6. Remove the purple residue with paper towel and clean the treated area with water.
  7. Repeat procedure till satisfied. You may use a pressure washer to remove persistent stains.
  8. Please note if purple residue is staining the substrate, a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution could be used.

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