Rx For Fringe - 2.5 LB Jar

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• Oxygen-releasing bleach removes browning from undyed cotton fringes

• For oriental and undyed white rugs

• Highly effective - use one ounce per gallon of RTU shampoo

Rx for Fringe Oxygen-releasing bleach for removing browning from undyed cotton fringes on oriental rugs and undyed white rugs.

Keeps white fringes white - Highly effective in removing browning, leaving carpets as white as possible for greater customer satisfaction. (Note: light beige is not white).

100% active formula - So effective that 1 ounce in a gallon of ready-to-use shampoo cures browning. Rx for Fringe is an oxygen bleach. Because of variance in chemical content of dyes, Rx for Fringe may cause bleaching of some colors. Do not use on dyed fibers. Chemical Specialties Manufacturing Corporation will not assume responsibility for bleaching of colors. Do not mix or add to any products other than those mentioned on the label. This product is a bleach, an oxygen-releasing bleach, and will effectively reduce or remove colors. Therefore, it should not be used on dyed carpets or other textiles which contain dyes.

Easy to use - For use on undyed white carpets, pre-test for colorfastness. Mix 1 scoop of Rx for Fringe in 1 gallon of ready-to-use shampoo and scrub in a normal manner. Or, use 1/2 scoop of Rx for Fringe in 1 gallon of ready-to-use shampoo and spray over surface. Even coverage is imperative for uniform appearance.

For bleaching fringes on area rugs, mix 1/2 scoop of product in 1 gallon of ready-to-use shampoo solution and scrub fringes in normal manner. Rinse with fresh water after cleaning.


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