Vectair Wee-Screen® Urinal Screen Kiwi 5pk

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Vectair Wee-Screen® Urinal Screen Kiwi 5pk

The Vectair Wee-Screen® is a 30 day urinal screen that provides freshness via fragrance for almost all urinals regardless of their shape and size.

Made from EVA and recyclable materials the Vectair Wee-Screen® is an efficient and cost-effective urinal system that limits foul odors for up to 30 days. The Vectair Wee-Screen® has a deep bubble design that stops splash back and works to eliminate drain blockages. The strips of EVA material weave together to create a strong lattice design, which makes the Vectair Wee-Screen® less rigid than other urinal screens and allows it to flex to fit.

• Enhanced splash back protection & fragrance performance for up to 30 days

• Flexible & non-rigid design, allows the effective Vectair Wee-Screen® to fit almost any urinal

• Easy to service - a slightly raised grip pad included on the edge for ease of servicing


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