Wepak Butyless Degreaser - 1 Gallon

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• Non toxic

• Non corrosive

• Non polluting

• Non flammable

The cleaner of the future - a catalytic cleaner without harmful toxic vapors that is safer than water soluble solvent cleaners. This concentrate will clean and deodorize simultaneously in one easy operation. This product is environmentally appealing because it contains no soaps, phosphates, highly toxic solvents, or non biodegradable detergents. Recommended for use where water soluble solvent type cleaners cannot be used and were all greasy, oily soils exists.

Use in food processing plants, farms, lounges, schools, offices, garages, factories, nurseries, stores, meat processing plants, restaurants, golf courses, clinics, distilleries, services stations, and hospitals.

Can be used on walls, floors, steel files, rubber, fans, machinery, tile, paint, engines, brick, filters, paint, metal stock, plastics, conveyors, utensils, desks, tires, showers, utensils, skylights, lockers, grills, and ppols. 


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