ZipDoor Commercial Fire Retardant 4' X 8'

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• Seal any doorway in a minute. Goes up fast with ZipWall double-sided tape

• Pre-installed heavy duty zippers provide easy access

• Pays for itself in time savings

• Made from high quality 4 mil flame retardant plastic sheeting. For doorways up to 4' x 8'

• Each pack (2 included) contains one ZipDoor , two flap hooks, and one roll of 1" x 24" ZipWall Tape enough for one installation to seal one doorway up to 4’ x 8’ (For ease of installation, actual ZipDoor® size is 5’ x 8.5’)

Zip Wall makes an easy doorway through plastic barriers. ZipWall Self-Adhesive Zippers allow you to quickly create a doorway in plastic dust barriers, providing easy entry and exit. Simply remove the paper backing and stick the zipper to the plastic barrier. Then open the zipper and cut the plastic to make a door. Heavy-duty zippers have a greater adhesive area that allows for an aggressive tackTheir 3” wide all-cloth construction provides maximum durability, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. . Work in temperatures below 55⁰ F (12.8⁰ C). All ZipWall zippers come with flap hooks that easily hold a door flap open. ZipWall Heavy-Duty Zipper 2-Pack contains two zippers, two flap hooks and one ZipperKnife sheeting cutter. This patented knife cuts plastic sheeting and prevents edges from jamming teeth.


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