ZipWall GripDisk 2-Pack

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• Keeps ZipWall poles from sliding on smooth floors

• Keeps ZipWall poles in place when working with positive or negative air

• Compatible with all ZipWall poles

• Pro-quality and durability; keeps barrier poles from moving on smooth vinyl or wood flooring

• Keeps barrier poles from moving when high air flow present at worksite

• Each GD2 package contains 2 grip disks

• Meets strict ANSI certification for quality

The ZipWall Dust Barrier System can be set up by one person in minutes without tape, ladders or damage. Build a barrier up to 20’ high and as wide as needed using plastic sheeting or ZipFast Reusable Barrier Panels. Our complete system includes accessories to create doorways in the barrier, form tight seals at the ceiling, walls, and floor and to easily seal off doorways, larger openings, and fixtures. The ZipWall Dust Barrier System is ideal for residential and commercial contractors doing remodeling, drywall work, painting, concrete work, lead abatement, mold remediation, and more.



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